The First AppNana Hack

is finally here!

No need to wait, it's finally here. Try us out today, it won't be here forever!

Among all our hacks, our AppNana hack is the most simplistic to use. Start by entering the Email Address associated with your AppNana account, then select the amount of Nana's you'd like to generate. If you'd like for us to generate a random amount for you due to Safety Reasons, then select Random Amount. If you have further questions or trouble, please refer to the Tutorial located on the lowest section of this page!

AppNana Hack

Where to find your Associated Email Address?

To find out what email you currently have associated with your AppNana account, please follow the instructions below!

Option 1:

  • - Navigate to the AppNana application on your mobile device
  • - On the main navigational menu, press the Invite button
  • - On the lowest potion of the page you will see your email address displayed. This is the Associated Email you will be using to hack AppNana

Option 2:

  • - Open an email account you commonly use by logging in via your email provider
  • - Use the search bar most major email providers have to search your inbox and attempt to locate emails from "AppNana"
  • - If you're successful in finding several emails from AppNana then you have successfully found your associated email address. Use the corresponding Email Address in combination with our hack to begin generating Nana's!